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How do you market your integration partners? What has worked best for you to drive integration connections?
We use in app prompts on the areas of the product where the integration partners add value. For example: Add a CTA on the payment reports page linking to the integration marketplace with accounting integrations. Consider looking at integrations as a three stage journey: Access > Utility > Value Access - is BOTH the installation process, ideally 5-10 seconds, AND the Marketplace listing. [Marketplaces are ad listings for the integrations, not the end result, if its painful to install an integration no one will use them] Utility - the data exchanged between the systems and the usage in your app for that data. [Example: Contact sync from Hubspot, automated shipping updates via your app] Utility can be prescribed by you to the customer, and should be part of the expectation set by the integration listing in your marketplace. Value - This is the best part, but don't jump to this without solving the first two. This can be assumed by you, but should be explored directly with customers using the integration. Learn the real world value from your customers using integrations and share those value props on the marketplace and other materials, use both qualitative and quantitative customer examples. [Example: App assumes shipping updates will lower support tickets asking for shipping status, and end consumers will be happier. Customer value could add: Shipping updates trigger review requests for the consumer after shipment has been delivered. Resulting in 10% less support tickets, and 20% more reviews on customer's site/google listing/etc. ] You can STOP here and market all of this without the source system [Integration Partner]. OR you can take the Value stage one step further, and create a reciprocal value prop for the source system. [Example: Your app sends the Shipping Status back into Hubspot to enrich that system and provide value for the customer stakeholders living in that system making Hubspot stickier for the support/sales teams using it daily.] If you get this piece right the blog posts, webinars, and marketing activities you ask for the partner to engage on will have content on Their value with the integration as well as yours. Then you get genuine leads from the partner's customer base.
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