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What partnership enablement material do you need to build to go-to-market with service partners?

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Brett Haralson avatar
Brett Haralson
Glide Apps Head of Experts
This can be achieved in many ways. Here are some for you: -Co-branded assets that enables them to sell as a partner (certification badge, branded pitch decks for your product, a page that lists them as partners, etc). -Blogs that promote WHAT your partners are doing to make your customers successful. -Social campaigns around what your partners are doing and how it’s impactful! Successful use cases can be really powerful here. -Build something with your partners to close the gap of customers that aren’t converting. Be creative here. Example: We are testing a way to build for our enterprise customers directly with some of our partners. At Glide, we found that some inbound traffic of businesses fall off because they don’t want to build for themselves, but they want our product. This is a perfect example of creating a motion that speeds up the delivery of what the business wants: a custom software solution. Hope these help :)
Joe Corcione avatar
Joe Corcione
Trainual Partner Manager
You need to give partners materials that can easily show the results that their clients/customers can get by using their product. That could be slide decks, demo accounts (if you are a SaaS company), case studies, ROI calculators, etc. For example, at Trainual, we give all of our partners access to a fully built out demo account that they can use to show their clients what their Trainual account could look like when its all built out. This has been super helpful because when leads can SEE the benefit that they can get from the software, they are more likely to purchase. And you want to make sure your partners can do that on their own without having to always pass it on to your sales team. With that said, it raises this point: give your partners the same amount of sales enablement material that your sales team gets. Why? It makes it easier for the partner to sell the software for you, saves your team a ton of time from working leads, and you have a WARMER sell by a partner on your software. You almost have to think of your service partners as an extension of your sales team. And you wouldn't leave your sales team with less collateral than they need to do their job right.
Thomas Mancuso avatar
Thomas Mancuso
Podium Director Of Product Partnerships
Basically your sales training + implementation training docs. Not an exhaustive list... but here are some good tools: - Product feature deep dive - Customer Case studies with the Value of your product front and center - Competitor Battle Cards - Implementation SOPs - Incentive plans for the partner - Point of contact list for escalations with the right purpose and department
Sarah Kang avatar
Sarah Kang
AfterShip Manager, Strategic Partnerships
This really depends on what you are trying to achieve with these partners. However usually it is important to highlight an overview of your product / service, but remember to speak to that “better together story”. Really think about showcasing what your value is together to customers. You should also include information on how to communicate with each partner and any relevant resources they can use.
Michael Jed Lantis avatar
Michael Jed Lantis
Chili Piper Channel Partnerships Manager
An overview of your product that shows value to your partner's customers, what to do when a customer needs support, and how to communicate with one another.
Kevin Kriebel avatar
Kevin Kriebel
Drata Vice President of Business Development
Offer creation. Design pre-built offerings that your technology is at the center of that service partners can repackage to their customers with their services included.