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What characteristics or skills do you find most "good" partner marketers have?
1) Relationship management Building and retaining great relationships with partners is crucial in partner marketing. Not only is important to nurture your relationships with your internal Partnerships Managers but make sure to spend time building relationships with your peers across the partner network. There’s a small but mighty network of partner marketers out there wanting to share best practices and their top tips with you :) 2) Communication Clear communication and visibility are everything in a role like this. Partner marketers have many stakeholders - both internal and external - and you need to keep everyone informed and in the loop with a lot of your decisions and thinking. 3) Organization At times, partner marketing can feel like juggling lots of mini-marketing campaigns. There are always lots of deadlines and requests to meet that span multiple co-marketing initiatives with different partners. “Good” partner marketers are incredibly organized so they are able to meet these simultaneous deadlines/requests and be selected as the go-to partner for future campaigns. “Great” partner marketers are able to take this one step further by planning their partner marketing activity three months in advance. 4) Creativity The ecommerce partner ecosystem is a friendly space, but it can also feel overcrowded at times. With many partners delivering similar co-marketing initiatives, don’t be afraid to be creative - your prospects and your partners might just thank you for it!
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