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Which co-marketing motions do you think are best suited for co-selling and why?

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Daniel Dawson
Aircall Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
There could be different goals. Co-marketing and co-selling accomplish different things. If I'm understanding the question correctly, we're wondering what co-marketing activities are best for uncovering higher-intent leads for co-selling. Product-specific webinars that include some sort of interactive workshop that solves a specific problem your target audience could solve are a great start. For example, Aircall is a cloud-phone system. We partner with SMS/texting apps to solve that problem for businesses that need multi-channel touchpoints for sales or customer support. By co-hosting a live, interactive workshop with a texting partner which we require registrants to sign up for a free trial beforehand in order to follow along with the workflows, problems and solutions during the session uncover very high-intent leads. Another example is the mutual joint discount. What better way to follow up with a webinar like the one above with an exclusive discount for Aircall customers from the texting partner? This makes co-selling a natural part of the buyer journey and is expected. Aircall customers are getting this special discount, and once they show interested, will be able to speak with their Aircall CSM and/or the partner sales team to complete the sale.
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Michael Jed Lantis
Chili Piper Channel Partnerships Manager
When co-selling with partners, I think the best motion is telling a story with you and the partner. You can use joint collateral such as Customer Success Stories and wins. This shows value to both the partner and your organization.,
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Charlene Strain Partner Marketing Manager
There are a few key co-marketing motions that are best suited for co-selling. Firstly, partner marketing can be extremely effective in co-selling situations. This is because partner marketing generally refers to the promotion of products or services by two or more companies who have a strategic alliance or partnership. In other words, partner marketing helps to increase visibility and exposure for both companies involved, which can in turn lead to increased sales. Another key co-marketing motion that can be very effective in co-selling situations is co-branding. This is where two or more brands come together to create a new product or service. This can be an extremely effective way to reach new customers and markets, as well as improve brand awareness and recognition. Finally, cross-promotion is also an effective co-marketing motion for co-selling. This is where companies promote each other's products or services to their own customer base. This can be a very effective way to reach new customers and markets, as well as increase sales for both companies involved. For example, Pendo has an incredible Reseller Partner Program where partners (who are also our customers) resell our key products to their end users. We split the profits, which is beneficial for co-selling. We also utilize key marketplace listings and integrations, including in Google Cloud Marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange, Coupa Marketplace, Zapier, and more. You can learn more about our Reseller Partner Program here: + our Google Cloud Marketplace Listing here: In conclusion, partner marketing, co-branding and cross-promotion are all key co-marketing motions that can be very effective in co-selling situations. All three of these motions help to increase visibility and exposure for both companies involved, which can lead to increased sales.