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What would you recommend is a good set of asks / what are some must haves - to get from an integration partner before we certify them and market them to our customers?

3 Answers
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Maurits Pieper
Dixa Head of Partnerships
- What does the MVP look like of the integration? - What resources are required to build it - What resources are required to maintain it? What about an SLA? - What communication/tech support is needed from both partners? - Product images, recording and support material to share and enable internally? - Breakage protocol? Any data/security minimum requirements needed?
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Kelly Sarabyn
HubSpot Platform Ecosystem Advocate
Deep, high quality integration, SLA for supporting the integration, security of the integration, meets a real need of your customers, successfully used by a reasonable number of customers for at least 6 months, and a commitment to updating it in a timely fashion. You could also roll in GTM asks such as referrals or promotion of the integration if you wish.
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Margot Mazur
HubSpot Manager, GTM Strategic Partnerships
Hey there! Here are a few things to think through, not an exhaustive list: - How are they supporting the integration? What happens if something breaks or needs to be updated? - What happens if someone needs help with the integration? How can customers reach them and how quickly will they be responded to? - What does the security of the integration look like? How is customer data being stored/managed? - Are they promoting the integration? If so, how? What do their marketing resources look like? - What is the value prop for customers? What are best practices for using the integration? - Do you have screenshots/video walkthrough of the integration? - What are your goals for this integration? Are you looking for a specific number of connections? Are you hoping it will drive sign ups for your product? What does a successful integration look like for you? From there you can figure out whether it's the right fit, and how you can work with them to drive more connections.