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What co-partner marketing activities are generating the best results in your opinion?

5 Answers
Sebastian Daly avatar
Sebastian Daly
Adjust Strategic Product Partnerships Lead
Co-partner marketing material, like any partnering activity, only really works when it delivers or has the opportunity to deliver net new leads to both parties. That may seem obvious to state, but I have seen plenty of examples where this isn't the case - particularly around events where partners bring in very different people that do not overlap. To overcome this, I advise being deliberate about setting the goal of the co-partner activity early and communicating it to all parties involved (internal stakeholders and externally with the partner(s)). This will ensure that things aren’t done just for the sake of producing content but with a real purpose behind it. For events, the focus must be on curating the guest list in collaboration with the partner way in advance. Who must you both bring to make this an ROI-positive event? There is nothing worse than swinging out invites a few days before just to ensure that it isn’t empty.
Allie Schratz avatar
Allie Schratz
Jotform Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
Being a very SEO-focused company, I'd say blog publishing opportunities are one of the strongest drivers of engagement and conversion for us. A well-developed, engaging, and informative post can help illustrate a particular use case for a partnership or an integration, and help a user better understand how they might better streamline their own projects by using it. Additionally, video is a fast-growing marketing lever that we've heavily invested in, and we're seeing terrific engagement from viewers through our email newsletters, social posts, blog posts, and directly from our YouTube channel. We publish a wide variety of how-to tutorials, customer stories, podcast interviews, and product ads (starring your favorite Jotform employees!) that help give context about a particular feature release, integration launch, or use case.
Maurits Pieper avatar
Maurits Pieper
Dixa Head of Partnerships
Quick marketing wins at the start of an ecosystem build are combining a mutual customer success story with an internal and external enablement session catered to specific department (e.g. CSMs or AMs instead of multiple groups).
Doug Gould avatar
Doug Gould
LaunchDarkly Head of Ecosystem Partners
Integrated campaigns around categories of technology that includes partners is a successful way to market tech partnerships. Being practitioner focused and aligned on the outcomes that customers will see from using two products together is the basis behind successful co-marketing. There seems to be less interested in higher-level content focused on industry trends. Ultimately, the marketers will know best and having a good understanding of your marketing org's goals is crucial.
Janos Vrancsik avatar
Janos Vrancsik
Hygraph Ecosystem Partnerships
I like to rely on something that gated because your performance will rely on generated leads / pipeline / revenue, so in terms of co-marketing it's usually # of captured leads. In 2020, when the first wave of covid hit, we've had a full event strategy for the year ahead, and we needed to quickly come up with something for the loss of leads. I think plenty of us made the same exact decision, and we've seen webinar popping up every minute. For us it was successful, but I also found that the results deteriorated over time. At the time, we came up with topics like 'how to utilize these two software and their integration to reach your goals' but after a while, no one wanted to listen to those. So after that, we changed the topics a bit, and focused on thought leadership type of content and honest, open discussions rather than product pitches and features. Long winded answer there, but shortly, I think a webinar is usually a safe bet, but need to experiment with other formats and channels.