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What can I ask from my tech partners to make it easier for us to get our customers to look at and use their software?

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Daniel Dawson
Aircall Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
Why not ask your customers what they want? That's a great place to start and see what exactly your customers are looking for--from the way they want to digest and synthesize information, product updates or explore solutions from partners. When I worked at a VAR (value-added reseller) we worked with hundreds (literally) of ISVs (independent software vendors). We had to compile our solutions in an efficient and digestible way for our customer base. One way we did this was through a monthly webinar series that showcased our best partners in different aspects of business automation. By wrapping it up into a series with a boilerplate description, clear expectations and a short, captivating presentation format, we were able to easily cycle through partner solutions to our customer base. This also included polls during the webinar to lead score attendees for CAMs (customer account managers) to follow up with on higher-intent leads who wanted more info or a demo of the partner solution. Another component was incorporating a survey after each monthly webinar to poll our customers on which automation topic they wanted to hear from next--this would determine which partners we prioritized. Also, customer communications like customer email updates are a great way to cycle in partners. Have partners guest write blogs, workflow or how-to articles based on their solution expertise. Include excerpts, quotes, offers and discounts from your partners for additional exposure and value to your customers.
Christiannah Oyedeji avatar
Christiannah Oyedeji
AWeber Director of Partnerships
- Demos or Recordings - Paid tier test account (with dummy data if possible) - Partner's competitive features - Description of actions that indicate "successful" customers (you can build support documentation or automated messaging around this to optimize outcomes) - Customer success stories with recognizable and relatable customers (along with features used and how they were implemented) - Office hours/Webinars - Offers (non-OTOs (one time offers) should be tied to continue connectivity or activity)
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Marco De Paulis
Ryder Ecommerce Director of Partnerships
Marketing resources, plain and simple. If they want you to sell their software, they need to put in the work and you need to create the runway for them to educate everyone. Co-marketing, internal enablement training and sessions, email copy for introductions, documentation, etc. They want revenue, they have to work for it. You have to support them, and you all win. You also have to do the hard work in figuring out what ppl need and how ppl learn so that you can create meaningful opportunities for your partners to scale this.