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What are the most valuable marketing benefits you provide to 1/ consulting partners and 2/ technology partners?

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Thomas Mancuso
Podium Director Of Product Partnerships
1. Service/consulting partners - We host our top partners in our booth at the conferences that align with their industry. - Host an "experts" directory where Sales and customers can send partners leads. - Offer Referral bonuses for leads coming into our sales teams. Do not require spiff or rev share on leads we send to partners. 2. Technology Partners - We host an integration marketplace, and offer top partners priority listing. - We call out integration partners in our product where the partner adds value for the customer. - Offer rev share to partners on integrated locations. - Run all of the typical co-marketing projects -webinars, blog posts, etc.
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Daniel Dawson
Aircall Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
At Aircall, check out our Aircall Partner Program: but in a nutshell: Channel Partners: - Rev share - Comarketing opportunities - Dedicated CAM Tech Partners: - Integration dev support and open API - Campaigns-in-a-box and partner marketing resources - Custom comarketing opportunities (top performing and strategic partners)
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Leeran (Lee·Ron) Schwartz
Celigo Strategic Alliances Manager
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Michael Jed Lantis
Chili Piper Channel Partnerships Manager
For both social announcements on both sides, customer success stories for joint customers, co-sponsorship opportunities, blogs, and webinars.
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Beth Wells
LoyaltyLion Senior Partner Marketing Executive
At LoyaltyLion, we see the great value in working closely with our partners and we’re always trying to find ways that we can thank our wonderful partner network. In terms of marketing benefits for our technology partners, co-marketing with us is a key opportunity. In addition to the light lift activities mentioned in my answer above, we have numerous campaigns (content and event) throughout the year that we invite our technology partners to join. For each campaign, we execute a thorough organic and paid promotion plan to help featured partners gain exposure to new audiences. As is standard practice with lead gen partner marketing, the featured partner gets access to the full campaign lead list in exchange for promotion and participation. We don’t currently work with consulting partners in a marketing capacity at this time.
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Charlene Strain Partner Marketing Manager
There are several marketing benefits that consulting and technology partners can enjoy when working with us here at! These include: 1. Access to our extensive library of marketing content 2. Partner-exclusive discounts on our services 3. Specialized partner training and support. 4. Access to our extensive partner network 5. Joint marketing opps 6. Pendo Partner Marketing Academy (in Skilljar) In addition, we work closely with partners to create customized marketing programs that meet their specific needs and help them achieve their business goals. We believe that providing strong marketing benefits is essential to building successful partnerships, and we are committed to providing our partners with the tools they need to succeed.