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What are the criterias with which I should choose my partners ?

4 Answers
Avi Hercenberg avatar
Avi Hercenberg
SmartSuite VP of Partnerships
In the early days of the company it's important to make sure you're service partners can bring you net new rev or at least help retain rev by providing services to clients. Many partners don't have capability of bringing you net new business and can only support leads you send them.
Margot Mazur avatar
Margot Mazur
HubSpot Manager, GTM Strategic Partnerships
I look at a few things, depending on what kind of relationship you'd like to have with your partner. If you're evaluating a partner for co-marketing/integration potential: - How many customers does the partner have? How many people on their email list/social channels? This is basically getting a sense of their reach and how established they are in the market. - How many joint customers do we have? Who is their audience? Are they aligned with ours? - Do they have access to marketing resources? Do they speak in a similar voice and tone as us? - How do they approach building integrations? Security? Updates and support? - What is their vision for the future of their business? Where are they going? - Why should we prioritize this partner? Is their solution/integration something our customers are asking for? - If you're specifically looking for a partner to integrate with, how do they support the integration post-launch? Are they interested in driving integration connections and working together on go-to-market? How dedicated will they be to trying to reach an integration connection goal? Try and create a spreadsheet that touches on each of these points to help you prioritize partners and identify a good fit. This will give you a really good sense of the partner and how you might work together.
Maurits Pieper avatar
Maurits Pieper
Dixa Head of Partnerships
Very dependent but looking at departmental value is an interesting approach. Choosing a regional partner to support your brand expansion into new regions by hopping on their establishing brand equity. Choosing a product partner that clearly fills your product gap to help with retention. Helps to understand from your product team which has no near timeline to build any internal products that might be similar. Choosing a co-selling partner that effectively assist with your joint value proposition to new prospects/brands. Others include ICP, region, overlap, sales cycle, team collaboration, branding etc..
Doug Gould avatar
Doug Gould
LaunchDarkly Head of Ecosystem Partners
A few of the basics I go with: It starts with alignment to your product strategy and how tech partners can extend your product into new personas or use cases or brings an orders-of-magnitude amount of value to your existing personas or use cases. From there, look at trends in the market and how well-aligned partners are to those trends. Then look at the traction and determine the momentum behind the partner. This takes a lot of different forms: customer adoption, stars on GitHub, VC backing. A general sense of those two areas should give you general sense of how successful this potential partnership could be.