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What are some ways to increase the adoption of tech partners/integrations with your existing customer base?

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Janos Vrancsik avatar
Janos Vrancsik
Hygraph Ecosystem Partnerships
The product should be the primary channel driving adoption. You can write the best newsletter, create the best promo video, spend a ton on ads, etc. If your integrations marketplace doesn’t feel like a core part of your product, it’ll be hard to drive adoption.
Christiannah Oyedeji avatar
Christiannah Oyedeji
AWeber Director of Partnerships
Creating additional moments for customers to become aware of, be inspired by, and easily implement. These can take the form of: - Including announcements of new integration launches and success stories in customer newsletters (I had to get at least one mention of email marketing in here 😀) - Ensuring the integration connections are as simple as possible and easy to find within your application. - Implement in app notifications (with the appropriate context of course) - Sharing content about successful customers using the tech partner/integration <--- this is my favorite option and makes for great sharable social media content as well. - Creating very clear setup documentation and templates/recipes for success - Host workshops, courses, and challenges for customers interested in using the integrations - Provide some sort of training to the sales or customer success teams (for both partners) where possible. The more comfortable these folks are in understanding the solution’s benefits and implementing the tool the more easily they will be able to make recommendations during conversations with customers. That’s a win! - Talk to integrated customers (from power users to folks who installed but have not used the integration). Use your findings as a guide. Regular and power users are going to be the best fit for the integration in its current state — knowing this you can find more existing customers that match their characteristics. Then make adjustments to the integration if necessary to convert those inactive integrated customers to active ones.
Leeran (Lee·Ron) Schwartz avatar
Leeran (Lee·Ron) Schwartz
Celigo Strategic Alliances Manager
Exposing how I/we as a company use those technology/platforms and integrations ourselves.
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Nikunj Sanghvi
Caspio VP of Alliances and Business Development
Caspio provides open REST APIs along with exhaustive documentation and clear in-product callouts for integrated services besides covering it in our documentation. We have some exciting plans in this space which we will be announcing soon to make it even easier to integrate with us and build joint solutions – we encourage potential tech partners to reach out to us from our Partners page with ideas.
Marco De Paulis avatar
Marco De Paulis
Ryder Ecommerce Director of Partnerships
1. marketing that integration to your customers via newsletters, blogs, landing pages, and other co-marketing activities. 2. training your internal teams on the details of the integration and giving them supporting assets to share with customers/prospects when specific conversations come up. 3. literally going through customer accounts and finding ones that would see value in that integration and giving CS scripts to use to share the integration information with that customer to name a few...