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How do you recommend getting started with setting goals for how many new partners to recruit on a monthly/quarterly basis?

3 Answers
Daniel O'Leary avatar
Daniel O'Leary
Box Director of Partnerships
I don't ever recommend signing up partners without having a plan to make them successful, and I am not a fan of signing up partners as an arbitrary goal. Why recruit 10 partners vs 100 or 1,000 at all? What I do like are goals tied to things like # of new partners certified, or # of new partners who refer a lead or that get above a certain engagement threshold for an integration. If you start with those goals in mind, you can work backwards into the # of new partners, or new teams or divisions at a larger company as you expand and deepen existing partner relationships.
Kelly Sarabyn avatar
Kelly Sarabyn
HubSpot Platform Ecosystem Advocate
This depends on the partner type, your strategic goals with partners and your support resources, but when getting started, I would err on the side of quality over quantity so you can understand what is working and what is not working. The goal should be to enable partners to drive real impact and then think about how to scale it out afterward. You obviously don't want to acquire more partners than you can successfully manage and support. A partner manager should be able to drive real value from 10-15 active tech, solution, service or referral partners before trying to take on more.
Michael Jed Lantis avatar
Michael Jed Lantis
Chili Piper Channel Partnerships Manager
I think you need to evaluate how your partner team is measured. From there, you can determine if you need to recruit new partners. Once you have a handful of partners, start breaking them down into tiers.