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How do I scale my partner recruitment & onboarding motion?

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Maurits Pieper avatar
Maurits Pieper
Dixa Head of Partnerships
Review your current ecosystem and what gaps need to be filled by potential new partners. Ensure there is of course resource and internal (team and customer) appetite if partners are interested to move forward with you. It can be risky if you outreach to potential new partners with and you have nothing to give and no dev/marketing resource to provide. When reaching out, make it very clear where you stand as a business, where you currently have an mutual interest overlap and the value you can bring to them as a partner yourself. Early stages, always important to mark down a list of priorities to get things in motion and for internal buy-in. We try to not over-promise at the start so that expectations are never damaged too easily. Learn from the first few partners (successful and unsuccessful) and iterate.
Sarah Kang avatar
Sarah Kang
AfterShip Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Approach this like a sales pipeline. Identify partners that will be a value add to your partner ecosystem and start the outreach process. Make sure you have assets to explain the value proposition of your partnership program. Why should these partners want to work with you and what’s in it for them? In terms of onboarding, ensure you are detailed and thorough. If you are looking to scale, create an onboarding checklist that will detail everything a partner will need to get started with you. As you start to develop a relationship with these partners, get their feedback on the partner recruitment and onboarding phase. This will help you switch up your strategy if needed.
Daniel O'Leary avatar
Daniel O'Leary
Box Director of Partnerships
Get a bigger scale! Seriously though, once you are growing your business and understand how to enable and scale up partner success, you can "save as" what is working with particular partners and use that to recruit and onboard more partners who look alike the successful partners that you already have. Tactically, make sure you have a polished partner pitch deck, a clear message on how partners get value from working with you and how your mutual customers benefit, and have a clear checklist or onboarding guide that shows the process from going from your first meeting to getting signed up officially.
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Kelly Sarabyn
HubSpot Platform Ecosystem Advocate
Marketing, partner content, and automation, and a deep understanding of the partner journey. The experience of onboarding should also be easy. For recruitment, marketing and then having a target list for outbound with segmented messaging and sequences.